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Karrie Fath arrived in Hinesville via 10 moves over 21 years as an Army Spouse of an active duty Infantryman.

A graduate of Penn State University with a B.A. In Speech Communciation, Karrie’s professional background is in writing and editing. Her positions have included newspaper reporter, technical writer and editor, public relations associate and website news editor.

Karrie has volunteered for a variety of Army organizations including the Spouses’ Club, Santa’s Workshop, Scholarship Committees & numerous fundraising & Family Readiness Groups.

Since the birth of her now 8-year-old son, Karrie was blessed to be able stay home with him until he started school. Now that he’s in 2nd grade, she’s been able to focus her energies on volunteering at each of the three school’s he’s attended in the past four years.

Karrie lives with her husband & son on Fort Stewart.