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The College Counseling Program at FPCA is to assist parents and students through the college decision-making process. Students are helped to recognize their academic and personal talents. This information is used to help the students and parents match colleges and universities to the student’s abilities. The college process starts in 9th grade and continues until the student starts college.

Preparing For College by Grade

9th grade

  • Set-up the students’ account on Georgia Futures
  • Make sure each student has an account with Khan Academy
  • Take studies seriously. These grades affect your average and GPA just as much as junior and senior years
  • Take PSAT 8/9 in October
  • Meet with counselor (parents and/or students) as desired
  • Begin an extra-curricular resume to include athletics, clubs, and community service
  • Begin researching colleges

10th Grade

  • Update GA Futures account, take personality tests as desired
  • Take PSAT—review results for possible AP courses and improvement
  • Meet with counselor (parents and/or students) as desired
  • Discuss course selection
  • Take SAT Subject Tests as suggested by teachers
  • If interested in Dual Enrollment for junior year, take SAT or ACT in Spring
  • Research colleges and the application process

11th Grade

  • Update GA Futures account, take more personality assessments
  • Take PSAT—National Merit Qualifying Exam
  • Recommend taking ACT with Writing in October or December, second attempt April or June
  • Recommend taking SAT with Writing in January and the second time in June
  • Develop a college list
  • Contact the colleges on the list
  • Start taking college trips

12th Grade

  • Meet with counselor as desired
  • Recommend taking final ACT or SAT in October or November
  • Refine college list
  • Write college essays with counselor and English teacher assistance
  • Complete Early Action/Early Decision applications in October
  • Complete FAFSA (opens October 1st)
  • Talk with counselor about acceptances
  • Make final decision by May 1st deadlines

Standardized Testing

2017/2018 Dates for SAT

Oct 7 register by Sept 8

Nov 4 register by Oct 5

Dec 2 register by Nov 2

March 10 by Feb 9

May 5 by April 6

June 2 by May 3

We suggest taking the SAT with essay at least once. Register at

  • SAT with essay...$60.00
  • SAT w/out essay...$46.00
  • Late registration fee...$28.00

2017/2018 Dates for ACT

Oct 28 register by Sept 22

Dec 9 register by Nov 3

Feb 10 by Jan 12

April 14 by March 9

June 9 by May 4

July 14 by June 15

We suggest taking the ACT with writing at least once. Register at

  • ACT with essay...$62.50
  • ACT w/out essay...$46.00
  • Late registration fee...$27.50