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Admission Policy

  1. Completion of Enrollment Application
  2. Student and parent interview with Head of School or Principal. Most recent report card, standardized test scores, and behavior reports are required at the admissions interview
  3. Birth certificate, Social Security card, and current immunization records must be presented upon time of acceptance

Note: FPCA will honor the decision of other schools in retaining students. For example, a student who has been retained in 5th grade at another school will not be enrolled as a 6th grader at FPCA.

Existing FPCA Students

Parents of students already attending FPCA are contacted during February to re-enroll them for the following school year.  This re-enrollment is to be accomplished by March 2 with the payment of a non-refundable registration fee.

Note: If parents enrolled at FPCA do not have their child registered, executed a Financial Contract, and paid the registration fee by March 2, it is assumed by FPCA that they do not intend to enroll their child for the following year. After March 2, prospective new students are offered any openings.

New FPCA Students

After March 2, parents of students new to FPCA may apply by completing an Admissions Application and paying the $50.00 application fee. An interview with an administrator will be scheduled by the Registrar. Upon acceptance, a non-refundable registration fee is due and this will secure a seat for their child for the next school year.

Waiting List

Application materials are made available in FPCA’s office to parents seeking admission of students new to the school.  The student’s name is added to the appropriate grade’s waiting list and after March 2, when openings are available, these families are notified and the process of pre-registration, including an interview, is begun.

Class Placement Policy

The placement of students in classes is the responsibility of the Head of School, Principal, and/or Counselor, and incorporates the professional judgment of the faculty. Factors such as student needs, learning styles, interest, and temperament are balanced with logistics that make a cohesive learning environment. Teachers and administrators collectively develop class lists with the goal of effective groupings with a diverse mix of student capabilities, personalities, gender, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Parents are asked to refrain from making teacher requests.

Preschool Admission Policy

Age Requirement: Children must be 2 by September 1st to enter the 2 year old class, 3 by September 1st to enter the 3 year old class, and 4 by September 1st to enter Preschool.

  1. Completion of application for Admission.
  2. All children must be fully potty trained and self-sufficient in the bathroom, which includes dressing and hand washing.
  3. Parent interview with Headmaster.
  4. Student interview/evaluation with Preschool Director.
  5. Birth Certificate, Social Security card and current immunization record must be presented upon time of acceptance.