About Lower School

Lower School

First Preparatory Christian Academy provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our educational philosophy is based on the core values of academic excellence, stewardship, Christ-likeness, family, students and teachers. While adhering to National standards, FPCA integrates Biblical truth in all subject areas. The acquisition of knowledge and development of skills is for the purpose of better equipping our students to be effective Christian leaders.


At FPCA we teach our students the “fundamentals” in a rigorous program of academic studies enriched with field trips, in-depth research projects, guest speakers, and extracurricular activities. The integration of faith and learning occurs in exciting ways as children study literature, mathematics, the sciences, history, music, art, technology and foreign language. In each subject area, we focus on creating the necessary building blocks that will lead them to middle school.


Our language arts and mathematics programs take a front seat and are challenging and engaging for students. We are committed to imparting knowledge and wisdom, thus we stress skill development as well as content. Critical thinking, study skills, creativity and character training are incorporated into our program using godly principles to direct the students. Our professional educators challenge themselves to differentiate the curriculum whenever possible. With a deep love for the Lord and passion to mentor their students, FPCA teachers are well-equipped to engage students in the learning process.