About Preschool


Preschool is full of curiosity and enthusiasm. It is a time to explore and gain independence while developing both academic and social skills. The safe environment allows children to feel comfortable and confident to take chances, try new things and find their voice. Independence is evident in our daily routine as students become engaged learners, master self-help skills, take care of the classroom, and make good choices.

We use an emergent curriculum along with themes. By listening to and observing play, we follow student interests and let that guide the activities in the classroom. Teachers become the facilitators for the learning and small class sizes allow for individualize instruction.


In Preschool, we see specific growth in public speaking as students share greater details about stories and objects; they learn to relate story elements in sharing and apply meaning to what they are learning. Upon completion of Preschool, they are prepared to gain more academic skills, be a listener and a participant, and are ready for Kindergarten.

Language Arts are an integral part of the day Preschool students can be seen creating podcasts, predicting story endings, or authoring and illustrating books. Each day words and their meanings are discovered. In Preschool the students are introduced to math skills such as estimating and simple addition while also continuing to build on number recognition. In Preschool we engage students in hands-on science experiments, explore and observe nature, as well as apply critical thinking skills.

Center Choices

Center time allows children to make choices, try a variety of activities and promotes independence. Students are given the opportunity to be imaginative and communicate with each other.


Preschool students enjoy daily P.E. and learn the skills needed to play organized games. The children visit the Media Center weekly to hear stories, do finger plays and check out books. Technology lessons take place in our classrooms and in the computer lab. Concepts introduced correspond with our classroom curriculum to further reinforce the language. Art is a part of our daily curriculum and is taught in the classroom. Movement in music includes developmentally appropriate skills and helps children connect body movements with music. Preschoolers also have Spanish as their foreign language special.


Performances throughout the year allow children to strengthen their confidence and ability to speak, sing and dance in front of a large group. The children enjoy learning lines to different songs and have fun designing props and creating stage decorations. At each show the children demonstrate to family and friends how much they enjoy performing.

Field Trips

Field trips are connected with the themes being taught within the curriculum. They are valuable because they allow children to experience a greater understanding of the topics they are being taught (Pre-K3 students do not attend off campus field trips). In addition to field trips, we invite visitors from the school and the greater community to visit and share with the children.