About Middle School

Middle School

Our Middle School staff is dedicated to offering the highest level of academic curriculum in order to prepare each student for the challenges of high school, and ultimately to fulfill God’s plan for his or her life.


Students are in a traditional schedule, attending 7 classes a day. Once students are in 7th or 8th grade, students are tracked in either College Preparatory or Honors, where they experience an intensive academic program. This program provides all core classes as well as daily Bible instruction, PE and other various electives each semester. Electives change year to year, but we currently offer drama, art, teacher’s aide, archery, mythology, journalism, life skills, and computer applications.


We offer an excellent curriculum that allows our students the opportunity to earn upper school credits while still in Middle School. Required courses in Middle School are Bible, English, Math, History, Science, and the addition of two to three electives. Here at FPCA, we use a variety of curriculum to pull from the best sources for our students. From primary sources to secondary information through text, students master their standards with differentiated curriculum. 


Spiritual life for our Middle School students is extremely important in their development.  Here at FPCA, our students attend weekly Chapels that create an important time for us to worship together. Our Chapels feature messages from various Christian leaders in our community and are ran by our Upper School Director, Mr. Christensen.  Students will consistently receive the Word of God through taking Bible courses throughout the entire school year.  Students will be interacting with Christian educators that care for them as people and strive to examine all subjects from a Biblical perspective.  The greatest opportunity for spiritual growth can take place simply through interaction with each other.