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Athletic Coaches

We are seeking Athletic Coaches for the 2020-2021 school year. Applicants should have at least 2 years of coaching experience and be flexible with their schedule. Please contact our Athletic Director, Shane Smith for any further question. ssmith@fpcahinesville.com

Primary Responsibilities and Duties (but not limited to):

  • Holds preseason, during season, and post season meetings with students and stakeholders.
  • Assure that players adhere to the GISA and school rules and regulations.
  • Verifies that all athletes are medically cleared, have insurance, have been released by parents, and have signed the FPCA Athletic Code of Conduct.
  • Schedules all competitions and coordinates with Athletic Director.
  • Provides or arranges transportation for all competitions.
  • Purchases all equipment and uniforms with school administration approval.
  • Provide adequate practice and playing facilities.
  • Responds to parent concerns and calls regarding athletics. Responds to all staff concerns and messages.
  • Requisitions, in cooperation with appropriate staff members, supplies, uniforms, and equipment for athletic programs and supervises their cleaning, storage, and care.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of athletic events in accordance with GISA regulations.
  • Participates in fundraising, letters of recommendation, awards, etc.
  • Carry out Board policies and administrative procedures.
  • Abide by professional ethics standards.
  • Maintain punctuality for all prescribed functions.
  • Assume the responsibility for the safety and welfare of students whenever a danger is observed on or about the campus.
  • Keeps records of the results of athletic contests.
  • Assists eligible athletes in obtaining athletic college scholarships.
  • Preform other related duties as assigned by the Athletic Director.